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Red Anger

- something new ..but comfortably familiar ...
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South London and Surrey based band Red Anger. Formed in the lockdown of 2020.

They released their debut album 'Poison in the Air'  and a limited edition Vinyl single, both well received in 2022.

A new Album 'Revolution Numb' was released Summer 2023.

They have also already created a huge interest and followers with many gigs and festivals firmly under their belt. 

Looking forward to taking  bookings to tour / gig extensively in 2024.


We look forward to hearing from you :) 

Jamie - Vocals

Dave - Lead guitar 

Fleagle - Rhythm guitar

Glenn - Bass guitar

Des - Drums 

"what they say".... some reviews
Pulse - Altenative Magazine 

RED ANGER-“Revolution Numb” (Sounds Of The Suburbs, CD/DL, 2023)

When it comes to discovering new music, I like to go in fresh and without any foreknowledge. So when this RED ANGER disc landed in my paws I initially though it was maybe a technical metal album; the sleeve kind of radiates that vibe. However, closer inspection reveals the Sounds Of The Suburbs label (the Litmus Test for all that’s good and punky) while the song titles suggest this is going to be a more street level affair. That is precisely what “REVOLUTION NUMB” turns out to be, a rip roaring collection of 11 tracks that’ll make a permanent home in your CD player.

While certainly no retro act, Red Anger play in the original spirit of punk and opening track ‘Zombie Nation’ marches in like an invading army. A lyric that speaks of general apathy is Juxtaposed with a beat that threatens to go off the Richter Scale; it is a volatile mixture and is ever a soundtrack was required to overthrow a totalitarian regime, then it is all here. Red Anger are a band who are very inventive and the following ‘Enemies’ rocks a Gang Of Four meets Killing Joke aesthetic (and is just as explosive as that admixture suggests) whilst the introduction of some sax on the following ‘Path Of The Eyes’ comes right out of the blue, but works exceptionally well and is an example of fortune favouring the brave.

Recorded and engineered by Pat Collier at Perry Vale studios, “Revolution Numb” benefits from a production that brings everything into sharp focus, and subsequently songs such as ‘Gods On Monsters’ cut like a razor’s edge. Red Anger is a perfectly apt moniker for this bunch as there’s an unbridled outrage bursting from the grooves which threatens to step out from your speakers and plant a well-aimed punch on your kisser. Often this album is spiky and angular, at others it is direct and confrontational, yet it is rarely pretty (but then good punk was never meant to be). Offering a frightening glimpse at a-not-too-distant future, the title track is a cut that’ll haunt you long after the disc has stopped spinning.

The information contained in “Revolution Numb is highly flammable. How you use it is up to you.

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