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2024 Gig dates , more announced on our tour page

Updated: Feb 19

We will be gigging extensively in 2024 - if you would like to have us play for you please refer to our contact page for details - thanks :)

Upcoming Shows / Local Dates


14th January - Queens Head Brixton (1400hrs Matinee )

17th Feb - Fighting Cocks, Kingston

1st March - The Butler, Reading

15th March - The Birds Nest , Deptford

5th April - Undercover Festival, Guildford

4th May - The Black Bull , Gateshead

16th June - The Lexington, London

22nd June - Holroyd Arms, Guildford

20th July - The Carlisle, Hastings

8th September - Half Moon , Putney

22nd September - Cryer Arts , Carshalton (1400hrs Matinee)

5th/6th October - HRH Punk 2024, O2 Sheffield

2nd November - Suburbs, Guildford

15th December - Holroyd Arms, Guildford (Matinee)


7th January - Fighting Cocks, Kingston

14th January - Friars Inn , Hemel Hempstead

20th January - Hope &Anchor , London

3rd February- Birds Nest , Deptford

11th February - The Carlisle , Hastings

18th February - Queens Head, Brixton

26 February - The Albert Brighton (2pm Matinee)

5th March - Half Moon, Putney. (2pm Matinee)

15th April - Undercover Festival, Guildford

16th April - Undercover Festival, Guildford

6th May - West Hampstead Arts Club 

20th May - Queens Head, Brixton

8th July - Friars Inn , Hemel Hempstead

27th August - The Windmill, Brixton (All day event Stage time 1800)

10th September - Cryer Arts, Carshalton (2pm Matinee)

6th October - 100 Club, London

14th October - Fighting Cocks, Kingston

21st October - City Club , Guildford

25th November - Trinity Bar , Harrow

22nd December - Holroyd Arms, Guildford

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